Utd. Houses Eisenstadt

Two houses constructed in two different building phases were combined to form a single complex, but can still be accessed separately from two independent staircases. A generously dimensioned intimate outdoor space was created extending through several levels, by dismantling parts of the existing building. This, in turn, has established a new relationship to the outdoors and enhances the existing living rooms, providing them with light, air, a feeling of spaciousness and a new orientation. Internal outdoor spaces have been incised in the new building block to create a feature that is very typical of Eisenstadt, where almost every old building has a patio.
In this project, the concept of spatial openness has resulted in large, flowing spaces with generously dimensioned living areas.
The individual private areas (bedrooms) for each family member are located on the 2nd floor and on each attic level. Most of the rooms are directed towards outdoor spaces (patio, terraces on several levels) by means of large areas of full-height glazing.
The exterior and the interior spaces merge, and during the warm period of the year family life mainly takes place entirely outdoors. The number of materials employed is deliberately reduced: (European nut wood, ash, iroko), white walls and large areas of glazing. The furnishing concept is based on fitted units and individual pieces of furniture manufactured by a carpenter, which underline and harmonize with the generous spaciousness of the house.